CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC INFORMATION: To help keep our community healthy the Family Life Services lobby is closed. We are still serving those who think they might be pregnant, are pregnant, or are parenting young children.
Please call 734-434-3088 on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10am – 4pm  or Tuesday, between 3pm – 7pm to learn how we can help you.

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you may feel that you have to make a decision quickly. We encourage you to think through this decision very carefully. You have time. You need to be aware of what is happening to your body. Get accurate, helpful information about all of your options. Make an appointment today to talk with someone at our center. Visit Family Life Services for a free lab-quality pregnancy test.

Questions you may have about abortion
If you are considering abortion, you may have questions:

  • How far along am I?
  • What abortion method will be used?
  • How will abortion affect me?
  • What are my patient rights?
  • What are the procedures and risks?
  • Do I need to tell anyone?
  • What happens after an abortion?
  • Are there other options?
  • What if I’ve already had an abortion?

Do I need a pregnancy test?
Yes. Make an appointment for a free lab-quality pregnancy test. Walk-in pregnancy test patients are welcome.

Should I have an ultrasound?
Yes. An ultrasound will determine if your pregnancy is developing. At Family Life Services, you can receive a free ultrasound with one of our licensed sonographers. Make an appointment and empower yourself by receiving the information you need before having an abortion.

Not your first abortion?
Having more than one abortion increases your health risks dramatically. At Family Life Services we can talk about your concerns and give you accurate information about your health risks so you can make an informed decision about having another abortion. Make an appointment today to speak with our Nurse Manager and a client advocate about your situation.

Family Life Services does not refer for abortions or abortion services.

Abortion Information from Family Life Services
Abortion Information from Family Life Services

Types of Abortions

There are multiple abortion options. One of our caring client advocates will fully explain each abortion method to you. We will make sure you understand what will happen to you during the abortion and tell you about abortion risk factors so you can make an informed decision.

Medical/Chemical Abortion
Make an appointment to discuss the specific process and risks of chemical abortion with our Nurse Manager and a client advocate.

Surgical Abortion
Make an appointment to discuss the procedure and risks of surgical abortion with our Nurse Manager and a client advocate.

Abortion Pill Reversal
Regretting your decision? It might not be too late!
You may have been pressured to make a decision too quickly. If you took the first round of the Abortion Pill, but are regretting your choice, you may be able to reverse the abortion! Call us immediately, so we can talk with you and offer you help. Talk with our Nurse Manager who can guide you towards reversing the effects of the abortion pill. We will help you every step of the way.

Call us now at our 24/7 HOTLINE: (877) 558-0333

Post-Abortion Recovery
Having a hard time dealing with your abortion?
We can help. Click here for more information.


Need help with your pregnancy or abortion/miscarriage recovery? We can help!
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