Friends and Family

Every year, Family Life Services talks to friends, boyfriends, and parents of women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy. We know that is affects you too. Our staff and client advocates can answer questions you may have about the pregnancy and her options.

My daughter thinks she's pregnant.
Chances are you have tons of questions and even opinions. Please make an appointment so that we can help you and your daughter through this situation and provide you with exclusive resources for parents who have experienced this before.

My friend thinks she's pregnant.
As her friend, you can help her understand and process her pregnancy and choices for her next steps by letting her know we are here to help. Encourage your friend to make an appointment right away.

Interested in abortion?
Everyone deserves to know the specific procedures of each available abortion method and the associated risks. It’s also important to know more about all of the options available – abortion, adoption, and parenting. There is a lot to consider and we’re here to support you! It’s important to make an informed decision so make an appointment today. All of our services are free and confidential.

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