Am I Pregnant?
If you think you may be pregnant, make an appointment with Family Life Services for a free pregnancy test. It is important to get accurate results and talk to someone about your situation in a safe and confidential environment, free of judgment.

What if I have a positive test at home?
It is still important to confirm your results. We provide free pregnancy tests that are highly accurate and professional. Family Life Services can also provide you with proof of pregnancy and can schedule a free ultrasound to determine the approximate date of conception and how far along you are in your pregnancy.

What’s next?
If your test is positive, depending on how far along you are, we’ll either provide you with a free ultrasound or schedule you for one as soon as you’re far along enough.

What does an ultrasound do?
An ultrasound confirms that the pregnancy is viable and that you aren’t currently miscarrying. Ultrasounds also determine how many weeks along you are so you can know what all of your options really are. Ultrasounds are provided by a registered nurse or sonographer and reviewed by a doctor. Confirming your pregnancy is the safest way to make a healthy, confident, and informed decision. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound today.

Pregnancy Services from Family Life Services


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