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Thanks in advance for your generosity to Family Life Services. We couldn’t complete our life-saving work without your support. Four big reasons to give include:

  1. In Michigan, 1 in 5 pregnancies ended in abortion, not including miscarriage/stillbirth (2022).
  2. Of 48 states, Michigan ranks 6th for highest abortion rate among women aged 15-44 (2022) and this measure has been rising steadily for a decade.
  3. Washtenaw County ranks number 6 out of 83 counties for the highest number of abortions, with an estimated 782 performed in 2022. In comparison, neighboring Oakland and Wayne counties had significantly higher numbers with 3,546 and 10,641 respectively.
  4. Current websites show abortions are available via telehealth appointments with abortion pills delivered to MI residents up to 12 weeks gestation.

“He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.” – Isaiah 40:29


Double The Ultrasounds For Double The Lives Saved

Washtenaw County is ranked among the top six counties in performed abortions. So far, there have been almost 800 abortions within Southeast Michigan.

Family Life Services (FLS) is just 35 miles from 16 of the 27 abortion clinics in Southeast Michigan. Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor is less than 10 miles from our life-saving facility. So, we understand being in the middle of a high abortion market.

With clinics like Planned Parenthood offering clinic hours five days a week, more nurses, clinical technicians, and effective targeted marketing, we need your help in closing the gap!

Help us increase our clinic hours, nurse staff, and targeted marketing by giving during our “Double The Ultrasounds For Double The Lives Saved” (DUFDLS) campaign.

FLS is dedicated and committed to saving pre-born lives. Show your commitment by actively and intentionally choosing to demonstrate your generosity. Demonstrate your generosity today & donate!

Michigan’s Department of Health
and Human Services reported that

30,120 Abortions

took place in Michigan during 2022.

graphic of the united states with Michigan highlighted



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