First, Who is Family Life Services?

Family Life Services is solving the problem of abortion by acknowledging that especially among young pregnant women, abortion is no longer an ethical issue, but rather a medical issue. 
Staffed by faithful Christians and volunteers, Family Life Services takes a focused and responsive medical approach to solving the problem of abortion.

We are a pregnancy clinic that is relevant to all women, including:

  • Those making an active choice about their pregnancy
  • Those that have already chosen to parent
  • Those that seek help after getting an abortion

We provide no-cost ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, truthful medical information about abortion, and material support and resources for families.

What Makes Our Approach Unique?

When women are faced with a pregnancy scare, we see that they can more objectively consider mothering when, instead of going to an abortion clinic…

  • They already know about the quality, no-cost medical services offered by pregnancy clinics
  • They receive professional medical care (from loving Christians) in a safe, judgement-free space

What is the FLS Track Record?

Among other pregnancy clinics struggling to stay relevant with decreasing client numbers, FLS has seen impressive increases in ultrasound volume while also retaining 50% of patients being undecided about their pregnancy when they first arrive, as well as good rates of women choosing to parent.

Why Join Us?

  • Relational change is the only way to build bridges with those who think differently than we do
  • It’s expensive to compete with well-funded abortion providers in a competitive digital marketing environment 
  • We will be ineffective if nobody knows about our services, or they only come to us after they have already chosen to parent

A Look at Our Impact

We want to share the impact we make on our community with recent stats. It’s a fun way to share the impact our donors and volunteers have on women and their babies.

2021-2022 Compared to 2022-2023

  • Nearly doubled the number of ultrasounds – a 93% increase
  • More than doubled the number of LIFE choices – 133% increase
  • Nearly doubled the number of undecided pregnancy patients – a 93% increase
  • 49% life choice rate for undecided pregnancy patients
  • 9.7/10 client rating for overall experience at Family Life Services



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