1. Volunteer

Join our volunteer family! We have many ways for you to extend your gifts and talents to support us and the community at Family Life Services. We hope to find a great fit for you on our amazing team and are excited to build a lasting relationship.

Skilled Volunteering:

  • Building maintenance
  • Event planning
  • Nurses or social workers

Our Volunteer Teams:

  • Yard clean up
  • Deep cleaning of office space
  • Mailings in January, July, September, & December

Individual Volunteers:

  • Routine cleaning of office space
  • Medical Assistant
  • Event support
  • Feeding volunteers

We have two different volunteer roles available at the moment. Read our volunteer job descriptions here. Contact us if you have any questions.

2. Attend Our Events

Event support is a great way to serve Family Life Services and be a part of the monumental moments of our life-saving mission! Volunteer to help set up our space, tear down, and everything in between. Talk to us today to learn about our current event needs.

3. Spread the Word

Believe it or not, spreading the word about our services and support is one of the best ways to reach women and families in our community! You may have a friend who needs pregnancy support or know someone who wants to get involved in the pro-life movement and support a local pregnancy clinic. Refer them to us and share our mission with them.

4. Partner with Us

Partner with us in providing material needs or with a one-time or monthly donation. Our partners are the backbone of our clinic! See our Material Assistance page to see our current material needs. You can donate today here.

Your Next Steps to Volunteer

  1. Start with a Vision Tour
  2. Complete the selection process
  3. Attend orientation & change the world

Contact us to learn more. We appreciate you and your love for women and babies!



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